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The Philadelphia Area Audio Group celebrates the joy of music by sharing the experience of listening to fine audio systems in a welcoming, open community of enthusiasts.

We meet regularly to listen to music and discuss the pursuit of high quality musical reproduction in the home. We visit audio dealers, host demonstrations by equipment manufacturers and attend live concerts. We also have access to discounts and benefits from various audio equipment manufacturers, dealers and music retailers.

Here’s what PAAG President Jim Baum has to say:

“Our group was formed in 2003 and has grown steadily.  We meet monthly; mostly in members homes, but also at audio dealerships, listening to a wide variety of music and equipment.  Many of our members have multi-channel audio/video systems, but our group’s core focus is  musical discovery through two channel audio.

Our membership is comprised of a wide variety of listeners including some DIYers, audio reviewers, and a few professional equipment manufacturers and distributors/dealers.  Our systems range from modest to state-of-the-art assaults on the high end.  Music of all genres is played at our events in many formats including vinyl and hi-rez digital. Our only requirement for membership is having a sincere desire to share in the joy of music and its accurate reproduction. 

Although we are currently at our membership capacity, we maintain a waiting list for interested parties. We always invite those on the waiting list to join us for public events."

Membership in the Philadelphia Area Audio Group is open to any individual audiophile residing in PA, NJ or DE.

We take pride in being welcoming and inclusive. The Philadelphia Area Audio Group recognizes that privacy is important to its members. Personal details about members and their audio systems are not available to the general public. For more information, please contact us using the link on this page.

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